Monday, January 21, 2013

Usability Heuristics

We identified the following two project specific heuristics for our project:

  • The user should be aware that he can interact with the system
  • The system should run flawlessly with no interruption especially when new users join
We found the following problems (Severity Ratings):
  • The system should give a out a message(text or sound) , so that the user is aware that theres something to interact with (3) 
  • The system should automatically add new users but not somebody passing by accidentally (3)
  • The user needs an entry point to the game (1)
These are changes we want to adapt in the future release:
  • Put out a sound and (or) text message when user is walking by
  • Implement a logic to automatically add users who want to join the game, but not people walking by in the camera range
  • gestures as an entry point to start the game

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